Collaboration Tools

Fostering Collaboration across the EGI Federation

What is it?

The EGI Collaboration Tools are a set of online services maintained by the EGI Foundation and meant to support collaboration across the EGI Federation, supporting its daily activities (sharing information and documents, organising meetings, communicating in task or project specific groups…).

What are the components?

EGI Single Sign On (EGI SSO)

The EGI SSO is a central authentication and authorisation service allowing to use a single username and password to access various Collaboration Tools.

Group owners can manage group members, and send invitations to new users. Groups are used in Collaboration Tools services for authorisation.

EGI SSO is now being deprecated in favour of EGI Check-in, providing a federation authentication and authorisation service. domain

Domain entries can be created for the service as long as they are relevant for the EGI infrastructure. All EGI central services are usually available under the domain.

Requests needs to be discussed with the EGI Operations team.

Certificate for domain

EGI Foundation is having access to a GÉANT Trusted Certificate Service subscription.

This can be used to issue IGTF-trust (AKA eScience certificates) and public-trust certificates, for the domains managed by EGI Foundation, like

Please refer to documentation on requesting a certificate. site

Information about the EGI Federation activities is published on the public site.


A Confluence-based “Wiki” space is available, allowing the EGI members to work collaboratively on documenting many aspects like Service Management, Polices and Procedures or activities from Boards and Groups.

Separate instances for EGI and EOSC are operated by EGI Foundation.

Issues management


EGI internal request tracking system, meant to support the Service Management System and projects.

EGI Foundation is operating dedicated instances for EGI and EOSC.

Request Tracking (RT)

EGI internal request tracking system, being replaced for many activities by Jira.

Mailing lists

Many mailing lists exists to cover specific areas of collaboration. New ones can be crated on request as documented below.

Membership in mailing lists is usually determined by membership in EGI SSO groups. Only group owners can manage the group membership.

Note that canonical addresses are, not

See the dedicated page on mailing list for more information like how to request the creation of a new mailing list.

Document server

EGI Documentation database, hosting many published document relevant to the EGI Federation.

Documents have metadata describing them and can be versioned. EGI SSO groups are used for restricting access to documents.

Agenda management via Indico

Event planner, used for various conferences and meetings, powered by the Indico product.

All users with an SSO account can use it.

Indico also has its own local accounts, which can be used by people who do not want an EGI SSO account, but want to register to some meeting in Indico.


EGI Collaboration Tools support can be contacted via:

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