Configuration Database

Topology and configuration registry for sites in EGI infrastructure

What is it?

The EGI Configuration Database (GOCDB) is a central registry that records topology information about all sites participating in the EGI infrastructure.

The configuration database also provides different rules and grouping mechanisms for filtering and managing the information associated to resources. This can include entities such as operations and resource centres, service endpoints and their downtimes, contact information and roles of staff responsible for operations at different levels.

The configuration database is used by all the actors (end-users, site managers, NGI managers, support teams, VO managers), by other tools, and by third party middleware to discover information about the infrastructure topology.

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Service information

Technical details of the Configuration Database


Accessing the Configuration Database

Adding service endpoints

Adding service endpoints information into Configuration Database


Managing and consulting downtimes

Service registration requirements

Information required for registering a service into the Configuration Database