Service Monitoring

Monitor performance of EGI services

What is it?

The EGI Service Monitoring keeps an eye on the performance of the EGI services to quickly detect and resolve issues.

The service monitors the infrastructure by collecting data generated by functional probes. The raw data is merged into statistics and available through the user interface in a user-friendly way. It provides automated reporting tools with minimal development or operational effort for setting up monitoring.

Accessing the monitoring information

In order to access the information it’s required to have an X509 client certificate provided by an IGTF-accredited Certificate Authority.

For people not having access to an IGTF client certificate it’s possible to access Availability and Reliability information on the EGI ARGO page.

Service Monitoring endpoints

Different service instances are available for different purposes:

The endpoint for uncertified sites is using a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) that is part of the IGTF distribution but that is not in the default Operating System and browser stores.

Your browser may be presenting you a security warning about an unknown CA, it’s a known issue with certificate having IGTF trust but not public trust (ie. not by default in the Operating Systems and browsers’ trust stores).

If you want to address this you can try to manually download the certificate for the ROOT CA and add it to your trust store and mark it as trusted. The exact process is dependant on the Operating System and browser that you use.

Access rules

For an individual site, people having specific roles for the site can access using the X509 certificate linked to their account in Configuration Database:

  • Site Administrator
  • Site Operations Manager

For all sites, the members of the dteam VO can access.

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