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Welcome to the home page of Service Providers. This section provides documentation aimed at Service Providers across the EGI Federation.

Joining the EGI Infrastructure

Any service provider can join the EGI Federation and in doing so benefit from being part of the major worldwide e-infrastructure that is EGI. From a technical point of view, the Federation may be joined by integrating your resources with federation services such as Check-in, the EGI Federation Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) service. This may be done at no cost, and resources can immediately benefit from EGI federation services.

In order to make a difference in helping to define the strategic direction of the EGI Federation and its federation services, countries or international organisations can join the EGI Council. More details may be found on the EGI site.

Providers have different options to become members of the EGI Federation, and deliver high-quality services for advanced computing within the EGI Infrastructure. The options are documented below, linking to detailed instructions:

  1. Joining as a federated resource centre, becoming a provider (that we call Resource Centre) delivering one of the following services: Cloud Compute, HTC Compute, Cloud Container Compute, or Online Storage. More than 200 Resource Centres have been integrated in this way.
  2. Joining as a software provider, also called Technology Provider, which is providing middleware deployed on the federated resource centres.
  3. Joining as a new provider for an existing service in the Compute and Data Federation or the Platform services, such as DataHub, Notebooks, Training Infrastructure, and Workload Manager
  4. Joining as Core/Central service provider for services supporting all the other services of the EGI Infrastructure.
  5. Contributing a new service, enabling advanced computing in research and education, and not yet present in the EGI service portfolio.

Integrating a service with EGI Check-in

  1. If you are interested in integrating your service with Check-in, head to the Check-in for service providers!
  2. If you are willing to connect your Identity Providers and allowing your users to access services via Check-in, look at the documentation for Check-in for Identity Providers!

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