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IaaS Service providers documentation

This documentation covers how to join the EGI Cloud federation as a provider. If you are interested in joining please first contact EGI operations team at, expressing interest and providing few details about:

  • the projects you may be involved in as cloud provider.

  • the user communities you want to support (AKA Virtual Organisations or VOs). You can also support the ’long-tail of science’ through the VO.

  • the technologies (Cloud Management Framework) you want to provide.

  • details on the current status of your deployment (to be installed or already installed, already used or not, how it is used, who uses the services…)

Integration of cloud stacks into EGI FedCloud follows a well-defined path, with certain steps which need to be taken, depending on the cloud stack in question. By integration here, we refer to the proper interoperation with EGI infrastructure services such as accounting, monitoring, authentication and authorisation, etc. These configurations make your site discoverable and usable by the communities you wish to support, and allow EGI to support you in operational and technical matters.

Integration of these services implies specific configuration actions which you need to take on your site. These aim to be unintrusive and are mostly to facilitate access to your site by the communities you wish to support, without interfering with normal operations. This can be summarised essentially as:

  1. Network configuration
  2. Permissions configuration
  3. AAI configuration
  4. Accounting configuration
  5. Information system integration
  6. VM and appliance repository configuration

If at any time you experience technical difficulties or need support, please open a ticket or discuss the matter with us on the forum

You can follow find integration guides for your cloud management in this documentation.

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