Accounting integration

There are two different processes handling the accounting integration:

  • cASO, which connects to the OpenStack deployment to get the usage information, and,
  • ssmsend, which sends that usage information to the central EGI accounting repository.

They should be run by cron periodically, settings below run cASO every hour and ssmsend every six hours.

Using the VM Appliance

cASO configuration is stored at /etc/caso/caso.conf. Most default values should be OK, but you must set:

  • site_name (line 12), with the name of your site as defined in GOCDB.

  • projects (line 20), with the list of projects you want to extract accounting from.

  • credentials to access the accounting data (lines 28-47, more options also available). Check the cASO documentation for the expected permissions of the user configured here.

  • The mapping from EGI VOs to your local projects /etc/caso/voms.json, following this format: :

      "vo name": {
        "projects": [
          "project A that accounts for the vo",
          "project B that accounts for the VO"
      "another vo": {
        "projects": ["project C that accounts for the VO"]

cASO will write records to /var/spool/apel from where ssmsend will take them.

SSM configuration is available at /etc/apel. Defaults should be OK for most cases. The cron file uses /etc/grid-security for the CAs and the host certificate and private keys (/etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem and /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem).

Running the services

Both caso and ssmsend are run via the root user crontab. For convenience there are two scripts /usr/local/bin/ and /usr/local/bin/ that run the docker container with the proper volumes.

Last modified October 4, 2022 by paolini78 : updating the list of required services (#510)