Requirements for integration

IaaS providers are very welcome to join the EGI Federated Cloud as a Resource Centres (RC) and joining the Federated Cloud Task Force to contribute to the design, creation and implementation of the federation.

Resource Centers are free to use any Cloud Management Framework (OpenStack, etc...) as long as they are able to integrate with the EGI Federation components as described in the Federated Cloud Architecture. At the moment this compliance is guaranteed for OpenStack.

The general minimal requirements are:

  • Hardware requirements greatly depend on your cloud infrastructure, EGI components in general do lightweigth operations by interacting with your services APIs.
    • cloudkeeper requires enough disk space to download and convert images before uploading into your local catalogue. The number and size of images which will be downloaded depends on the communities you plan to support. For the piloting VO, 100GB of disk should be enough.
  • Servers need to authenticate each other in the EGI Federated Cloud context using X.509 certificates. So a Resource Centre should be able to obtain server certificates for some services.
  • User and research communities are called Virtual Organisations (VO). Resource Centres are expected to join:
    • ops and dteam VOs, used for operational purposes as per RC OLA
    • a community-VO that supports EGI users (e.g. for piloting)
  • EGI provides packages for the following operating systems (others may work but we are not providing packages):
    • CentOS 7 (and in general RHEL-compatible)
    • Ubuntu 16.04 (and in general Debian-based)