Introducing a new EGI service

How new services are added to the EGI service catalogue

The EGI services are contributed by the EGI Council members, who can propose new services through the EGI Service Strategy, that defines the overall direction to EGI services for a few years time window. The services are designed, validated with the EGI Community, and with the help of the EGI Services and Solutions Board (SSB).

The evolution of the services is driven by 5 Strategic Objectives (SO) which are based on the knowledge of the user community needs that are being gathered through research and innovation projects, customer interviews and analysis of trends. Each defines an area for possible future work, and if approved, can be developed into more concrete goals and intended results.

  • SO1: Federated compute continuum
  • SO2: Federated Data Lakes and repositories
  • SO3: Data analytics and scientific tools including AI
  • SO4: Professional support and consultancy
  • SO5: Investigation of a trusted compute platform for sensitive data processing

If you want to propose a new service, you should approach your national EGI Council member, or fallback to the EGI SSB.