Operations manuals and How-Tos

Operations manuals for Service Providers

Generic documentation

The Operations start guide will help you start with EGI Operations duties.

The Resource Centre integration check list provides an overview of what are the required steps to get a new Resource Centre integrated into the EGI Federation.


The EGI Operations Manuals are approved technical documents that provide prescriptive guidelines on how to complete a given task. These documents are periodically reviewed, and need to be followed by all partners (as opposed to a best practice documents that provide optional guidelines).


Miscellaneous collection of short How-Tos which are relevant to various other documentation and procedures.

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Operations Start Guide

Starting with EGI Operations duties

Resource Centre Integration Check List

Steps required to integrate a Resource Centre

MAN01 How to publish site information

How to publish site information

MAN02 Service intervention management

How to service interventions

MAN04 Tool Intervention Management

How to manage central operational tool unscheduled downtimes

MAN05 top and site BDII High Availability

Deploying the BDII service in High Availability

MAN06 Failover for MySQL grid-based services

Implementing failover of MySQL grid-based services.

MAN07 VOMS Replication

How to implement a MySQL VOMS server replication

MAN09 Accounting data publishing

Publishing accounting information for different middleware.

HOWTO01 Using IGTF CA distribution

Using the IGTF CA distribution

HOWTO02 Site Certification Required Documentation

Documents required for Resource Center registration and certification.

HOWTO03 Site Certification GIIS Check

How to test a Resource Centre during certification

HOWTO04 Site Certification Manual tests

Manual testing of services offered by a site


Questions about Transition to HEP SPEC, a new CPU benchmark.