EGI Check-in

Control access to resources in the EGI Infrastructure

What is it?

EGI Check-in is a proxy service that allows scientific communities to securely access and control access to resources in the EGI Federated infrastructure. It operates as a central hub that connects federated Identity Providers (IdPs) with EGI service providers.

Users can authenticate with their preferred IdP (e.g an eduGAIN account, institutional account, social media account, etc.) to access and use EGI services in a uniform and easy way.

The main features of Check-in:

  • Enables multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies
  • Has an user registration portal that also allows linking accounts
  • Increases productivity and security by simplifying user authentication and authorization
  • Federated in eduGAIN as a service provider
  • Combines user attributes originating from various authoritative sources (IdPs and attribute provider services) and delivers them to EGI service providers in a transparent way

The following sections cover how to sign up for and EGI account, and how to use it to access resources.

Next topics:
Sign up for an EGI Account

Register an account with Check-in to get access to EGI services

Linking Identities

Linking additional organisational/social identities to your EGI Account

Joining a Virtual Organisation

Joining a Virtual Organisation (VO) in Check-in

Managing a Virtual Organisation

Managing a Virtual Organisation (VO) in Check-in

Obtaining Access/Refresh Tokens

Obtaining Access/Refresh Tokens from Check-in

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions about EGI Check-in