Chipster on Applications on Demand

Chipster is a user-friendly software for analysing high-throughput data such as NGS and microarrays and provided as part of EGI's AoD service.

The software contains over 400 analysis tools and a large collection of reference genomes.

Users can save and share automatic analysis workflows, and visualize data interactively using for example the built-in genome browser.

EGI Chipster

The Chipster testbed configured at CESGA offers:

  • 8 vCPU cores,
  • 32GB of RAM,
  • 1TB of block storage in /data,
  • Software and tools are in available under the /cvmfs/tools_* partition,
  • Chipster (v3.16.3).

For accessing this testbed you need to be a member of the Applications on Demand.

Create/Review a temporary account

You need to create a temporary account to access the Chipster server, by default this account is valid for one month.

Go to Chipster entry in Science Software on Demand Portal and:

  • Click on the "Show form".
  • If the account has expired, the Science Gateway will automatically generate a new password for you.
    • To activate the new account, click on the "Execute" button to trigger the creation/update of the temporary account in the Chipster testbed. This operation may takes a few minutes.
    • You can monitor the account creation by clicking in the "Show" button.
  • Once your account is available, the web interface will show a link to access the Chipster server with the new credentials.

Chipster in Science Software on Demand

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