Cloud Container Compute

Run containers on the EGI Cloud

The EGI Cloud Container Compute service allows you to run container-based applications on the providers of the EGI Federated Cloud. There are two main ways of executing containers:

  1. Using docker (or a similar container runtime) on a VM, so you can just interact directly with the container runtime to run your applications. This fits simpler applications that can easily fit on one node and are composed by a small number of containers.

  2. Using a container orchestration platform, e.g. kubernetes on a set of VMs to manage the applications in an automated way for you. This is usually suited for more complex applications that spawn several nodes and are composed of several containers that need to cooperate to deliver the expected functionality.

Follow the guides below to learn more about them.

Docker VM

Run containers on the EGI Cloud on a single VM with Docker


Run containers on the EGI Cloud with Kubernetes

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