Compute Orchestration

Compute resource orchestration in the EGI infrastructure


One of the challenges for researchers in recent years is to manage an ever increasing amount of compute and storage services, which then form ever more complex end user applications or platforms.

To address this need, EGI provides several orchestrators that facilitate the manangement of your workload using resources on the federation. These tools have different levels of abstractions and features. See below to understand which to choose (or gets used automatically) in specific scenarios:

Service NameWorkload TypeUse-Case
Infrastructure ManagerVMs, containers, storageUsed to run workloads on a single IaaS Cloud provider.
Elastic Cloud Compute ClusterVMs, containers, storageUsed when you need to run workloads on clusters that can be elastically scaled and potentially span more than one IaaS Cloud provider.
Workload ManagerJobsUsed to efficiently distribute, manage, and monitor computing workloads.
Dynamic On-Demand Analysis ServiceContainers, storage (caches)Used when you need to process your data either interactively or via a batch system.

The following sections offer more details about each of these orchestrators.

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