Elastic Cloud Compute Clusters

Working with Elastic Cloud Compute Clusters in the EGI Cloud

What is it?

Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster (EC3) is a tool to create elastic virtual clusters on top of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers.

Being based on Infrastructure Manager, EC3 supports the same wide choices of backends, either public (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure) or on-premises (such as OpenStack). EC3 can provision clusters running TORQUE, SLURM, HTCondor, Apache Mesos, Nomad, Kubernetes and others, which will be automatically resized to fit the load (e.g. number of jobs at the batch system).

The following section of the documentation will guide you on how to:

  • Deploy a simple EC3 elastic cluster on top of the IaaS providers of the EGI Cloud, either using the web interface or the command-line interface, and
  • Run pre-configured scientific applications in the EC3 elastic cluster.

Next topics:
EC3 Portal

Deploy a virtual cluster with EC3 using the portal.

EC3 Command-Line Interface

Getting started with Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster on EGI Cloud with the Command Line Interface

EC3 Applications and Tools

How to run scientific applications and tools with EC3

Instructions for Developers

How to integrate a new application in EC3

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