DataHub Use-Cases

Use-cases for EGI DataHub

An overview of the use cases and possible deployment scenarios of the EGI DataHub.

Build Data Spaces for Communities

Users can access with their EGI Check-in credentials data available at one or more providers which are abstracting over heterogeneus backends.

Different data access interfaces are available (Web, REST, POSIX, CDMI).


Integrate DataHub with EGI Notebooks

EGI Notebooks has been integrated with DataHub in order to easily access and store files from the JupyterLab interface.

On the central EGI Notebooks instance, a predefined space open to all users and VO specific spaces are available.


Make your data FAIR

Users can assign metadata to files, create shares and mint DOIs.

The EGI DataHub offers an OAI-PMH interface which enables standard discoverability and access to datasets.


Smart caching

  • Site A hosts data and computing resources
  • Site B hosts only data
  • Site X uses data from A and B without pre-staging
  • Pre-staging can also be done using APIs
  • Data is accessed locally via POSIX with FUSE


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