Online Storage

Data storage services in the EGI infrastructure


Online Storage includes services that allow users to store, share and access data using the EGI infrastructure. Different categories of storage are available, depending on how data is stored, the technology used to access and consume data, and the foreseen usage.

Three major service offerings are available:

  • Block Storage is block-level storage that can be attached to virtual machines (VMs) as volumes, a simple solution for durable data that does not need to be shared beside a single VM.
  • Grid Storage is file storage for High Throughput Compute (HTC) and/or High Performance Compute (HPC) scenarios.
  • Object Storage is persistent, hierarchical blob storage for cloud native applications, archiving, or when data is shared between different VMs or multiple steps of processing workflows.

Comparison of storage types

The differences between Block, Grid, and Object Storage are summarized below:

BlockFrom within VMs, only at the same site the VM is locatedFor the entire blockPOSIX access, use as local disk
GridFrom any device connected to the internetFor the data storedGrid protocols and HTTP/WebDAV
ObjectFrom any device connected to the internetFor the data storedHTTP requests to REST API

The following sections offer a more detailed description of each storage service.

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