How to to use the EGI infrastructure with Pangeo

EGI and the Pangeo community in Europe have forged a collaboration to provide deployments of the Pangeo ecosystem using the computing resources offered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Read on to learn more about how to get involved.

About the Pangeo community in Europe

Many scientific domains have been transformed into data-driven disciplines. Research projects increasingly and crucially depend on the exchange and processing of data and have developed platforms tailored to their needs. Pangeo, a world-wide community driven platform initially developed for Geoscience, has a huge potential to become a common gateway able to leverage a wide variety of infrastructures and data providers for various science fields.

Public pangeo deployments that are providing fast access to large amounts of data and compute resources are all USA-based and members from the Pangeo community in Europe do not have a shared platform where scientists or technologists can exchange know-how. The main objective of this collaboration with EGI is to demonstrate how to deploy and use Pangeo on EOSC and underlined the benefits for the European community.

How to get involved

EGI and the Pangeo community in Europe are interacting openly via a GitHub repository: pangeo-eosc. Visit this repository to find publications coming out of this collaboration and guides on how to get started as a user or as a provider.