Notebooks Kernels

Available Kernels in EGI Notebooks

Jupyter is an extensible environment that supports different programming languages. Each language is available as a different kernel.

For the EGI service we have enabled a set of kernels that are automatically built from the EGI-Foundation/egi-notebooks-images GitHub repository.


Default Python 3 kernel, it includes commonly used data analysis and machine learning libraries. Created from the jupyter/scipy-notebook stack.

DIRAC / Python 2

A python 2 kernel that includes a DIRAC installation for interacting with the EGI Workload Manager service.


The Julia programming language with the libraries described in jupyter/datascience-notebook.


The R programming language with several packages from the R ecosystem as provided by jupyter/r-notebook and some extra libraries.


The Octave programming language installed on its own conda environment (named octave).

Your own kernel

If you want to add a new kernel, just let us know and we will discuss the best way to support your request.

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