Online Storage

Store, share and access your files and their metadata on a global scale

The EGI Online Storage includes a wide category of services which allows storing, sharing and accessing files on the EGI infrastructure. The service comprises different categories of storage services depending on the technology and usage that is foreseen. The 3 following service offerings are available:

A summary of the main differences between Grid, Block and Object Storage is reported in the following table.

Grid Storagefrom any device connected to the internetAvailable for the data storedGrid protocols and HTTP/Webdav requests
Block Storageonly from within a VM only at the same site the VM is locatedNot possible for the entire blockPOSIX access, use as local disk
Object Storagefrom any device connected to the internetPossible only for the data storedvia HTTP requests to server

Grid Storage is mainly serving data access and storage for EGI High Throughput Compute scenarios. For EGI Federated Cloud use cases it depends on the application needs either Block or Object storage could be use. In general, block storage is a good and simple solution for temporary data and data which you do not need to share beside the single application running on a single VM. If you need to have your data exposed within portals or shared between different steps of your processing workflow, it is usually best to use the object storage.

Grid Storage

Access to Grid Storage provided by the EGI HTC providers

Object Storage

Access to Object Storage provided by the EGI Cloud providers

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