Tutorials & Guides

Tutorials for common uses cases in the EGI infrastructure


The following guides and tutorials show you how to perform common tasks in the EGI infrastructure. Each of the following sections addresses a specific use case: it describes how to set up the EGI services needed for that use case, how to connect or operate them together, and will walk you step-by-step towards achieving a task or setup that can be immediately used by researchers and scientists.

Next topics:
Create your first Virtual Machine

Step by step guide to get your first Virtual Machine up and running

Access DataHub from a Virtual machine

Use data in EGI DataHub from a virtual machine

Data transfer with grid storage

Use EGI Data transfer to handle data in grid storage

Data transfer with object storage

Use EGI Data transfer to handle data in object storage

Create a Virtual Machine with Jupyter and DataHub

Step by step guide to get a Virtual Machine for Jupyter and DataHub in your cloud provider

Automating with oidc-agent, fedcloudclient, terraform and Ansible

Step by step guide to automating the deployment using Ansible with Terraform, oidc-agent and fedcloudclient

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